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For Employers
We provide executive search services that help your organization make the right hire, ensuring a return on investment that will pay off well into the future.

According to Topgrading by Brad and Geoff Smart, "A survey of the top HR executives in 25 global companies found that 80% of their external hires turn out to be disappointments. The future of your organization depends on securing the best available talent for your team. The statistic above demonstrates that many hiring processes do not deliver.

Topgrading further asserts that a mis-hire can cost an organization up to 15 times the employee's salary.

The direct and opportunity cost of securing the wrong talent is tremendous, equaling lost opportunities in the marketplace, decreased momentum, poor morale, low productivity, high cost to replace and re-train, and ultimately lost revenue/profit. We have created an executive search process designed to help you avoid these pitfalls, and deliver the best possible talent for your company, team, and specific need.

"Recently, the Smarts interviewed 200 Presidents and CEOs, discovering that only 21% felt they got their money's worth when they hired externally."

We believe that when you hire an executive search firm, you are making an investment, and you should reap a return through:

A higher caliber talent pool.

According to Talent Trends 2014, only 25% of the workforce is actively looking for a job, while a full 85% of the workforce is open to hearing about opportunities. Executive search done correctly taps into this passive talent base, engaging people who will not see your job ads, who are heads down performing at their job. This produces a group of the best available talent (85% of the workforce) on the market for your opening, rather than a limited group of the best active candidates (only 25% of the workforce) on the market. This will result in a much better quality hire who produces more revenue, improves more processes, and/or saves more money for your company.

A superior process.

An executive search process that attracts rather than repels top-performing candidates, employs a selection criterion that match your needs, presents your value proposition in the most favorable light, facilitates the right level of communication and information flow, and maintains a smooth, efficient timeline. This protects your brand reputation, provides a positive candidate experience, and attracts the top 10% to 15% of performers, which are key to competing for talent in all environments, but especially in a candidate-driven market.

Shorter time to make a hire.

Your time is valuable and must be allocated to executing on the core business of your company. Our time is 100% dedicated to executive search. When we execute our full executive search process, we engage the best talent on the market for your opening, in the fastest, most efficient way possible, because that is our sole focus. This allows your new hire to come on board, start adding value, and driving profit weeks and months sooner than they would otherwise.