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Our Process
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    Needs Analysis

    The first step in our executive search process is to schedule a client discovery call with you, where we discuss your needs and the role(s) you need to fill. We then conduct our own research and diligence into your company and the specific target candidate market. We use this information to complete a position brief, which we send to you for review and sign off, to make sure we are all on the same page with how we’re presenting your opportunity.

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    Once we have sign off from you, we work with our research team to make a list of 75 to 150 or more target individuals. We diligently reach out to these candidates as many as 5 to 7 times each. A given search may involve 500 to 700 attempts, on average, to reach our target list of candidates. However, for more complex search projects, we may make over 1,000 attempts. In this phase, we use the key selling points we’ve learned from you to pique candidate interest, build excitement about your opportunity, and demonstrate enough value to engage the most qualified and talented individuals.

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    Our quality control process utilizes 4 to 6 hot-button questions based on your critical success factors, allowing us to zero-in on a short list of top candidates. We perform in-depth interviews with each candidate to verify that they have the track record, knowledge and experience, compatible career goals, and the motivation to make a move to your company. We then present you with 3 to 6 (on average) prime candidates who are interested in and qualified for your opportunity.

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    Far too often, without a search partner involved, candidates disengage from the process during the interview process due to lack of information flow, lack of timely follow up, and miscommunication. While we can’t guarantee that every candidate you like will remain in the process, we can and will apply the necessary attention to detail, timely coordination, and candidate engagement strategies that will allow both client and candidate to make fully informed decisions throughout the process.

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    Offer & Transition

    The most critical phase of the hiring process happens immediately after the final interview. To help ensure that the best available talent accepts your offer, we utilize a specific pre-close process to create a win-win situation for both you and the candidate, and we personally extend your offer. We then walk both client and candidate through candidate resignation and transition, including periodic follow up for the first year of employment.