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Experts in Banking and Capital Markets – how the industry works, who the key players are, and what great talent looks like in this industry.

From This Industry - our President / Principal, Laurie DeSalvo, CFA, brings close to 9 years working directly in financial services with Deutsche Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

A Scalable Team - we can handle any level of search, pulling in our President and Lead Search Consultant to spearhead the project, along with a Recruiting Coordinator, and a dedicated team of 1 to 3 or more Researchers.

Why choose us?
    • Dedication - clients love to work with us because we persist and go the distance, often where other solutions have fallen short of delivering the right result – a successful, quality hire.
    • We have historically filled 100% of engaged searches and 75% of exclusive contingency searches.
    • Emphasis on fit - 73% of candidates placed over the last 3 years are still with client companies.
    • From the day we begin working on a search assignment until the day you have 3 people to interview is 15 to 21 days on average.
    • Average recruiting cycle – from assignment to accepted offer – is 30 to 45 days.
    • We canvass the entire market - on average, we contact 50 to 150 or more people during a fully executed search.
We’re Genuinely Interested in People

Recruiting is about people – period. People who hire. People who get hired. People who facilitate the process of hiring. Despite what some might tell you, recruiting has not been whittled down to a series of electronic interactions between emotionless online profiles, wherein a superstar is miraculously hired without extensive, person-to-person, live engagement taking place. Technology advancements will always provide new tools to assist the art of recruiting, but will never take the place of people.

And people are what interest us the most. We’re interested in what drives our hiring managers, our HR partners, and our candidates – personally and professionally. We pride ourselves on reading people and what they need. We seek to lead a process that brings all these people together in a way that produces a match between client and candidate.