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How To Retain Employees Without Money

The Great Resignation…It’s Here.

Finance Leaders – it’s here.

The Great Resignation.

After a year and a half+ of upheaval, leaders of companies everywhere are feeling like their world is on fire…in a good way, as growth accelerates. The time is NOW to jump on the economic upswing.

Meanwhile, their best talent might be about to QUIT and walk out the door.

Not to mention, end of year is coming, when people tend to make changes.

I’m seeing it already…

…The Senior Financial Analyst looking for at a minimum, a hybrid WFH situation.

…The Director of Finance seeking a more open-minded, forward-thinking, diversity-oriented culture.

…A Senior Manager of Finance finally seeking that next career step after hunkering down in a safe, stable role for the last year.

According to a recent survey, Microsoft found that 41% of the entire global workforce could be considering handing in their resignation.

Managers CAN get in front of this to some extent:

By taking the temperatures of their people, through one-on-one dialogue and anonymous surveys.

By listening, hearing, and addressing employee concerns and frustrations. The idea isn’t to please everyone but to get proactive about implementing change where it makes sense to keep your best talent.

Change could mean experimenting with a permanent WFH or hybrid arrangement, getting the right people in the right seats, giving promotions, creating new roles, upgrading technology, making better use of data and AI…the list is endless.

By getting prepared to tap into the talent market if/when a key departure happens. Some people will leave and that might be OKAY – with all the change that has occurred, some people may no longer fit a company’s core values, and there is someone else out there who is a better fit.

Get ready to go find them.

Get ducks in a row with internal AND external recruiting partners. Maintain regular dialogue and stay visible with your network. Vett and get an agreement in place now with a trusted search firm.

Review your end-to-end recruiting and onboarding process to ensure it is the best it can be. Evaluate salaries to ensure your current team is at market and that you can quickly make competitive offers.

Whatever happens, it doesn’t work to put one’s head in the sand.

I’ve seen companies lose weeks and months in the recruiting process (and lose great talent) because they ignored reality.

The time for action is now.

Because rest assured, the talent that is looking to make moves in the near future, they’ve ALREADY taken action.

I’m here if you need to strategize! Drop me a comment or a private message to set up a call.