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Fueling the Future in Finance Through Superstar Talent

Who is The Financial Recruiter?

I’m Laurie DeSalvo, CFA the President, Founder, and The Financial Recruiter at FiSource Search Group.

As The Financial Recruiter, I build financial teams that not only report data but connect the dots and influence strategy and decision making in today’s ever-changing world. The key to their success is based on a core competitive advantage: Superstar Talent.

During my 20+ years working in finance, I’ve become a CFA, moved up the ranks in capital markets at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, and recruited world class financial talent.

This work has allowed me to engage with CEOs and CFOs of public companies like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and McDonald’s. It also helps me to deeply understand talent in Corporate Finance, Analytics, Accounting, Banking, Lending, and Investment markets.


Having started my career as a Research Analyst, I remain a detailed Researcher by nature. I love digging deep for intelligence on businesses and people. Through my work in finance AND as a search professional, I’ve gained exposure to thousands of financial leaders, at companies large and small, across various industries. I’ve personally built the financial models, torn apart and analyzed the 10Ks, asked the C-level leaders the hard questions on earnings calls and in one-on-one meetings, and performed the in-depth, comprehensive analyses of corporate business models.

This deep financial background, research and analysis orientation, and persistence are key to how I help my clients uncover, engage, and select the best financial talent and ultimately maximize their company’s performance.

But they are part of a talent marketplace that is in the midst of a transformation

Interested to know more about our President’s work in finance? Click here to connect on LinkedIn and check out the links below for samples: