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Direct Hire Search
Service Levels & Process

This page is dedicated to helping you understand our Direct Hire Search Service Levels and Process in detail for each step outlined in our 7-Step Source Strategy for Hiring Superstar Financial & Analytical Talent. It is our core search process we employ for all of our searches. How deep we go with this search process – and therefore which service level is appropriate – depends entirely on 3 key factors – 1) how critical the role is to the client’s operations, growth, and profitability; 2) how urgently the client needs the role filled; and 3) the level of commitment of the client to completing the process and generating the optimal result – the best possible hire.

Here’s How it All Breaks Down

Or in other words, choose your own adventure…these are the steps we will take to fill your search, and how we execute them for each level of service.

Tier 1 – Contingency

Our fee is 100% contingent on placement of a successful candidate. 

Standard priority search for mid to high-level leadership or high-importance individual roles

Step 1: Discovery
  • Conduct in-depth search discovery session where we scope out who you are as a company, a team, and an opportunity, getting to the heart of your WHY and fleshing out your Employer Value Proposition. (We may have some of this from our initial conversations)
  • Perform independent research into your company history, performance, mission, vision, reputation, and online presence.
  • Create a Performance Profile detailing what your ideal candidate looks like in terms of Core Accountabilities (what will this person need to accomplish in the first 12 to 24 months), Core Competencies, and Core Company DNA Characteristics (more predictive than culture fit).
  • Determine Client-requested questions to incorporate into our initial candidate interview.
  • Convert the Performance Profile into a Job Invitation for the role, which will serve as the “sales piece” we present to candidates about your opportunity.
  • Define a search timeline and process, including target interview and hire-by dates, interview steps, and interview participants.
  • Determine salary, bonus and/or incentives (monetary and non-monetary), benefits, relocation, etc.
Steps 2, 3, & 4: Talent Heat Map, Campaign, Deep Dive
  • Build a highly targeted short list of candidates already in our network, typically 20 to 50 individuals, depending on the role, niche, and situation.
  • EXCLUSIVE SEARCHES ONLY: Perform multi-channel research in order to identify and uncover additional passive candidates who could possibly fit your opportunity. This can bring the target list to 50 to 100 candidates, depending on the role, to whom we will reach out on average 5x to 7x each, translating to 250 to 700 calls/emails/SMS messages per search. (EXCLUSIVE = you are not working with other recruiting firms AND your internal HR/talent acquisition team is NOT working on the search)
  • Immerse the target candidate list in your unique story and EVP. We spread the word as broadly as possible about your opportunity through our omnichannel strategy – social media, email, SMS, cold and warm calls, referrals, etc.
  • This ultimately provides you with a direct pipeline to the additional 75% to 85% of the market who are open to considering new opportunities but are not actively looking and as a result not applying to job postings.
  • Perform an in-depth interview, which will seek to understand the candidate’s Core Characteristics and Core Competencies match, leadership style and approach, success track record, key accomplishments, and core motivations for change.
  • Prepare and present a complete Candidate Profile on each qualified, prospective individual.
Steps 5, 6, & 7: Field Test, Closing the Deal, Litmus Test
  • The interview process can be daunting and clunky and is where talent can be lost due to ambiguity, misunderstanding, or loss of momentum and interest. We make sure this doesn’t happen!
  • Ensure all parties are clear on scheduling, timelines, communication, and information flow. Delve deeply into the perspectives of all parties so everyone has the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Partner with the Client in executing working interviews, gathering work samples, completing Client-directed assessments, and/or asking finalist candidates to put together business or action plans to present to the hiring team.
  • Reference checks on client request, around final interview time/prior to offer.
  • Collaborate with Client to drill down to what the offer needs to look like to land Superstar candidate.
  • Execute closing process that lands over 94% of offers we present.
  • Management of candidate acceptance, resignation coaching, and transition, with recommendations for pre-start-day hiring team engagement and onboarding strategies.
  • Periodic touches with candidate and hiring manager throughout year 1 to assess progress towards achieving the original mutual goals and expectations established for the role.
  • Guarantee the candidate’s employment for 60 days (we will replace for no charge).

Tier 2 – Engaged Search

1/3 up front deposit, remainder of our fee is contingent upon placement of a successful candidate. 

Mutually committed, #1 priority search for critical roles with zero margin for error – includes everything in Contingency Search, PLUS:

  • Interview 3 Superstar performers ALREADY at your company to deepen understanding of Core DNA Characteristics, gather additional perspectives that will help position and sell your opportunity.
  • Design a custom Scorecard (including Client-requested questions) based on the Performance Profile, which we will use in our interviews and distribute to the hiring team to use as well, to ensure consistent, objective, methods of evaluating fit to company, team, and job.
  • Build a complete Market Map of ALL possible candidate matches in your target market. This translates to a full target list of approximately 100 to 200+ individuals, depending on the role, to whom we will reach out on average 5x to 7x each, translating to 500 to 1,400 calls/emails/SMS messages per search.
  • Recruit “in the open,” presenting the company name from the get-go (unless a confidential search), instead of turning some candidates off with “cloak and dagger” recruiting. (*only applies if ALL candidates are run through our homogenized filter.)
  • For Director-level and above searches, every candidate receives and completes a Candidate Brief, which is an interactive exercise combining an executive questionnaire with questions targeted to your opportunity.
  • Deliver bi-weekly search progress reports throughout the entire search, detailing volume of outreach, top candidates in process, where they are in the process, and intelligence on the candidate marketplace, reception to opportunity, and company reputation.
  • Conduct bi-weekly touch-base calls with the hiring team and/or Talent Acquisition team to discuss search progress, communicate updates from both sides, and tweak the strategy as needed.
  • Reference checks with previous supervisors, peers, colleagues in operations, customers, and/or referral sources, around final interview time/prior to offer.
  • First right of refusal on all candidates presented; as long as you provide feedback and/or next steps within 72 hours of submittal and each interview step, we will not present them to any other organization until you have moved forward with or declined them.
  • Guarantee the candidate’s employment for 6 months (we will replace for no charge).