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Fueling the Future in Finance Through Superstar Talent
Why You Need a Superstar

Superstar. A-Player. Rockstar. All-star. Top Performer.

We throw around many names for these elusive creatures everyone wants to hire, or says they want to hire. Clients will tell me they’ll “roll out the red carpet” for a “Superstar.” But what is a Superstar, really, and why do you need one?

Rick Crossland, author of the book, “The A Player,” defines the term as:

  • An employee who is in the top 10 percent of their profession on an industry-wide basis for the salary paid.

  • A person on your team whom you would enthusiastically rehire.

  • The employees at an enterprise who drive all the profitability and growth.

  • A person of high integrity who delivers on commitments.

  • The employee every organization covets.

  • The employee who fits your company culture and models your core values and behaviors.

You need someone who fits these guidelines in every critical leadership seat, because they will transform everything, from exponential sales growth and profitability to team morale and employee engagement.

They will position your company, and your career, at the top of the industry, ensuring that you overcome the disconnects in the industry, the constant transformation of the talent marketplace, the unique challenges on your plate, and a recruiting industry that is currently upside down:

A State of Disconnect

A Talent Marketplace in Transformation


Your Challenges


Today's Recruiting is Upside Down