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Interim Staffing, Contract Staffing

Temp, Interim Staffing, and Contract Staffing Solutions for Finance and Accounting

CHANGE is a big theme today. As a result, companies need to increasingly employ more nimble and adaptable workforce strategies. Contract staffing and interim staffing can play a key role, particularly in volatile economic times. These days, tomorrow could bring a surge OR a lull in business. You may need or want to augment or scale back your team to roll with the changes.

This is where contingent workforce solutions can help.

According to a U.S. Government Accountability Report, 40% of the U.S. workforce is made up of contingent workers? These consist of contract workers, consultants, temps, or freelance workers. This figure is expected to grow to 50% by the year 2050.

Through the use of contingent workers, your company could:

  • Gain access to a broader talent pool. Tap into new groups of people with excellent skills, who prefer the flexibility of contract or consulting work. For example, parents raising children, who might otherwise leave the workforce for a time.
  • Hire more Millennials, famously difficult to attract and retain, and known for their “pursuit of flexibility and fulfillment.” A recent article on the gig economy states that “Almost half of all Millennials use online gig economy platforms to find work” and as of 2018, 74% of Millennials were interested in freelancing.
  • Reduce overall staffing costs. Hiring contract employees can reduce the overhead costs associated with full time employees, since a staffing firm like ours will become the Employer of Record (EOR). We take on the expenses not just for recruiting the candidate, but also onboarding, background checks, payroll, and benefits. According to a study by Kaiser Family Foundation in 2019, the average cost of employer-sponsored health insurance premiums was $7,188 for single coverage and $20,576 for family coverage.
  • Flex staffing up and down in a volatile economy and/or in response to periodic surges in business.
  • Fill a short-term need related to an immediate project, initiative, demand surge, employee on temporary leave, or special situation role.
  • Try someone out as a contractor before committing to a permanent offer of employment, avoiding the potential costs of a bad hire. (I.e., healthcare industry staffing needs for revenue cycle staff. AP or AR accountants with very specific industry or software skills.)

You may have a number of staffing agencies knocking on your door to help with contingent workforce solutions.

Why choose FiSource Search Group?

  1. We are specialists in Finance and Accounting. Tired of having surface level conversations with generalist staffing reps who don’t really get what you do? Tired of screening out candidates who don’t hit the mark because they don’t understand the skill set? We’re recruiting in the space every day, touching talent who may fill Contract OR Direct Hire needs. We understand the deep nuances and how they might influence the type of talent you need to be meet your goals.
  2. Real recruiting, not just matching. We employ some of the most effective best search practices from our Source Strategy process to find you the best qualified talent for your need, as quickly as possible. By contrast, most staffing agency recruiters are inexperienced in the field of recruiting, and will do very little to 1) search deep and wide for the right talent and 2) discern the quality of talent they can offer you.
  3. Execution to the details that matter. We’re a boutique with the personalized level of service you should expect from a partner. This benefits you when you need someone to make sure your staff is showing up on time, doing the work required, following through, and adding value.

Our Contingent Staffing Solutions consist of 3 core options:

  • Contract Staffing. This is a W-2 employee for which FiSource Search Group is the Employer of Record (EOR), who is hired out to your firm for a set pay rate, typically for a specific period of time and/or for a specific project.
  • Contract to Hire. This is a W-2 employee for which FiSource Search Group is the Employer of Record (EOR), who is contracted to your firm for a set pay rate, usually for a set period of time, and/or for a specific project need. Contract to hire offers an option to hire the individual on a permanent basis at the end of the contract, which can provide a way to “try before you buy” on both sides, ensuring a strong fit before a full commitment.
  • Interim Executive Staffing. Life happens. Someone gets ill or quits. Or your company is going through a growth spurt or transition. And you need an interim executive to take the reins of your company, department, division, or a key initiative. You need someone quickly, perhaps while you’re getting your ducks in a row to conduct a full search. FiSource Search Group can act quickly to understand your immediate need and search out the right interim talent to get you from point A to B.

If you have current contingent staffing needs OR you’re thinking about incorporating contingent workers into your staffing plan, book a call and let’s talk about how we can help!