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Fueling the Future in Finance Through Superstar Talent

As a leader you have a lot on your shoulders. A volatile business environment that demands ever changing, customized solutions. A competitive landscape where Big Data and AI must inform strategy and decision making. Operations needing modernization through new technologies, new work arrangements, and scalable processes so your company can keep pace with an evolving industry.

But these efforts must be led by People.

PwC states that, “A new type of leader is needed: tech savvy humanists who understand the potential of new technologies and how they can be knitted together to align with strategic objectives, whilst recognizing that organizations are run by people, for people.”

These are Superstar Leaders.

Yet most companies are hiring critical financial talent using outdated, surface-level recruiting strategies, the results of which speak for themselves:

According to a landmark 3-year study by LeadershipIQ, which examined 5,247 hiring managers from 312 organizations that hired 20,000+ employees during the study period, 46% of new hires will fail within 18 months, and just 19% achieved “unequivocal success.”

Our mission is to execute a systematic, quality-based hiring process that will ensure 90%+ of your hires are “unequivocal successes,” NOT the other way around.