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Today's Recruiting is Upside Down

I’ll confess, I didn’t grow up in recruiting; I grew up in finance, which ingrained in me 3 core principles: Quality, Depth, and Integrity.

Too often, when it comes to a critical hire, where the focus of the process should be around Quality, Depth, and Integrity, the process is instead centered around Quantity, Speed, and Filling a Seat.

Most recruiting communications in today’s market tend to be cookie cutter, search strategies too shallow to tap into the best, often most untouchable candidates, and at worst, the messaging is inconsistent, inaccurate, and potentially damaging to the company’s employer brand.

For many companies, long-standing processes or long held beliefs dominate the way they have always handled recruiting, whether using internal and/or external methods.

In today’s CHANGE environment, the way things have always been done won’t assure your company’s standing in the marketplace, or ultimately, your career as a leader and/or talent acquisition pro.

And those status quo methods could lead to a bad hire – which can cost your company 5 to 27x that role’s salary, according to Brad Smart, author of Topgrading.

You might be thinking, “yeah, there are a few people I wouldn’t rehire.” They talked a big game, seemed like the real deal, threw out big promises…so you trusted your gut. And then 6 to 9 months in, they seemed more like square pegs to your round hole.

Don’t beat yourself up. The problem may not be you, but instead may lie in a recruiting process that is upside down. My mission is to turn it right side up!