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Fueling the Future in Finance Through Superstar Talent

Your Challenges

Leaders and Talent Acquisition Pros face compounding challenges when it comes to hiring the right financial talent. These are the most common we hear about:

  • Shallow talent bench. Baby boomers are retiring, Gen X can’t fill all the gaps, Millennials and Gen Z are up-and-coming, and the Great Recession left a huge hole in the talent pool. Now the pandemic crisis fallout has created an even larger talent shortage. There is a war on for a shrinking and shifting pool of top 10% talent.

  • Operating and leadership models must modernize, standardize, or otherwise transform, but your people aren’t up to the task. Resistance to change leads to inefficiencies, low morale and productivity, brand stagnation, and lost market share.

  • Candidates presented by internal and external recruiters are underwhelming. Your needs are specific and nuanced, but the candidates you are seeing only offer one or two core competencies, inadequate experience, and/or very few relevant, verifiable accomplishments.

  • Critical roles sit open for months. Progress on key initiatives comes to a halt, while the competition sprints ahead, taking market share.

  • One bad hire can = a flawed strategy, lost momentum, and a revolving door. Morale deteriorates, people leave, and you’re stepping into the weeds to save the day. Stress and burnout are setting in. Management is questioning your ability to put the right people in place and manage a complex organization.

  • You may lack the talent to scale. The financial leaders hired to form and establish a start-up company may not have the skills required to grow it to the next level. You risk stagnation, operational failures, loss of customers, and disappearing capital.

  • Just-in-time hiring is too little too late. Every search starts from scratch and feels like a fire drill. There is a temptation to jump on the first remotely qualified and interested candidate to plug the hole. You’re gambling on a potential mis-hire.